Union Canal Unlocked

Zoe's Bad Day Animation

A model from Zoe
A model from Zoe's Bad Day

As part of the Union Canal Unlocked project pupils from class P4C at Canal View Primary School had fun working with students from Edinburgh College of Art Animation Department and Anna Canning from UCU in creating their own unique tales from the towpath. To view the animation, click on the thumbnail images at the bottom of this page.

Zoe's Bad Day

Zoe is a horrible girl, always grumpy to everyone, and she thinks she can do whatever she likes. One day she's heading down to the canal with her sister. As usual, she's in a bad mood. "The canal is boring", she whines. When she gets there, she whinges about everything, and says mean things about the animals and the fish. Suddenly she jumps onto a boat without asking permission or thinking about whether it's safe. The fish in the canal and the horse pulling the boat have been watching and listening, and they decide to teach Zoe a lesson: they rock the boat, making silly Zoe fall in the water. Her kind and patient sister Sophie throws her a rescue ring and helps pull her out. After a spell in hospital, Zoe realises that she should respect the canal and its wildlife and other users, and always remember to be SAFE (Stay Away From the Edge).

Created by: Sondos, Amanda, Poppy, Daniel, Holly, Colbie

Animation team: Jared Taylor - Animation tutor, Amy Bruning - Yr3 Animation student, Tyler Carrigan - Yr3 Animation student, Lucian Stern - Yr 3 Animation student

Direction team: Anna Canning - UCU, Claire Smith - Canal View Primary School


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