Union Canal Unlocked

The Wrong Way Animation

A model from the Wrong Way animation
A model from the Wrong Way animation

As part of the Union Canal Unlocked project pupils from class P4C at Canal View Primary School had fun working with students from Edinburgh College of Art Animation Department and Anna Canning from UCU in creating their own unique tales from the towpath. To view the animation, click on the thumbnail images at the bottom of this page.

A group of friends are enjoying a boat trip from Edinburgh to the Falkirk Wheel. Just when they are nearly there, they take a wrong turning and end up in the woods! But how is this possible on the canal, because it is a straight line and you can't really get lost? Well, just before you get to Falkirk Wheel, there is a side basin that used to be Port Maxwell, the terminus for the flight of locks that connected the Union Canal to the Forth & Clyde Canal. Now it's not used, because the Falkirk Wheel does that job. Luckily for the boat party in our story, a friendly heron living nearby came and told them to turn the boat around and pointed them in the right direction again.

Created by: Kalden, Chloe, Liam, Emma.

Animation team: Jared Taylor - Animation tutor, Amy Bruning - Yr3 Animation student, Tyler Carrigan - Yr3 Animation student, Lucian Stern - Yr 3 Animation student

Direction Team: Anna Canning - UCU, Claire Smith - Canal View Primary School


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