Union Canal Unlocked

Slateford Aqueduct

Slateford Aqueduct (c) RCAHMS
Slateford Aqueduct (c) RCAHMS

The eight arches of the Slateford Aqueduct spans 152m over Inglis Green and the Water of Leith. One of three aqueducts that were built on the Union Canal, it shows the peak of canal engineering. Hugh Baird used a much lighter construction method using an iron trough for the water channel and hollow pillars. Looking over to the railway viaduct, it's a reminder that the railways superseded the canal within 20 years of the canal being built.

WALK - You can take a walk down the steps to visit the Water of Leith Visitor Centre. From the walkway, see if you can spot the mason's marks on the aqueduct. Marks in the shape of arrows were carved to help line up the stones when they were brought to the building site.

Mason's marks on Slateford Aqueduct pier (c) Historic Environment Scotland