Union Canal Unlocked

Privacy Policy

The Union Canal Unlocked website automatically collects limited technical information about visitors. This information includes your internet protocol (IP) address along with details of your browser and operating system versions, as well as information about what pages and images you view. This data may also be collected when Union Canal Unlocked resources are accessed through our mobile apps.

This information is anonymised and cannot be used to identify you. It is stored securely on servers belonging to our hosting provider (Ionos) and is not disclosed to third parties. It is used solely for the purposes of troubleshooting problems with the website and mobile apps, and for tracking levels of usage of the site.

Our mobile apps also make use of your current location when in use. This is used solely for the purposes of showing your location on maps, and for listing points of interest near your current location. The apps do not track your location when you are not using them, and location information is never transferred to our website or to any third party.